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New: KCleaner

KCleaner is the utility that scans entire Windows registry for invalid values, and safely repairs or removes them. KCleaner also scans hardisk for useless files. When a problem is found, KCleaner offers a possibility not only to delete broken registry values, but also repair them, especially when target files are moved. Regular scanning with KCleaner can boost up your PCs performance and safety.
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MightyChicken 1.1.43

What's new:
KCleaner released!
NEW: DLL Library

Today's featured:

Process acervcm.exe Espanol
Process acevents.exe Espanol
DLL library inetcomm.dll, version 6.00.2900.2869 (xpsp.060316-1523)
DLL library msoe.dll, version 6.00.2900.2869 (xpsp.060316-1523)

MightyChicken also provides you with a big amount of online information. Click here to see complete list of Windows processes (or Doubles list: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) with version and security information, user reviews and much more.

Mighty dozen: processes in the spotlight:

1. mcdetect.exe Espanol
2. cavrid.exe Espanol
3. cavtray.exe Espanol
4. kodak software updater.exe Espanol
5. lxbkbmon.exe Espanol
6. windowssearchfilter.exe Espanol
7. windowssearchindexer.exe Espanol
8. rlvknlg.exe Espanol
9. hbtoeaddon.exe Espanol
10. bo1hel~1.exe Espanol
11. hposm.exe Espanol
12. hbtweatherontray.exe Espanol

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Processes in the spotlight
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Helpdesk: troubleshooting windows process errors:

explorer.exe 0xc0150002 error
services.exe 1073741819 error
svchost.exe 0x745f2780 error
svchost.exe 3530f672.pf
svchost.exe 0x745f2780 application error
svchost.exe 2d5fbd18.pf


Search in processes and DLLs:

MightyChicken is a powerfull utility software that gives you an inside look into your Windows system. Explore processes, modules and much more. See online reviews and security rating. Compare your process info with worldwide averages and tune up your computer performance.

While running Windows, your computer is also operating a big number of invisible tasks. These tasks (called processes) often reduce the processing power of your computer and can be a high security risk. Reports show that these background processes like spyware, viruses and worms infect 90% of computers with an internet connection. MightyChicken gives you detailed information and controll about every running process. It also provides you with the tools to terminate processes that may damage or slowdown your system or data. MightyChicken is a "must be" for your computer security.

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      kodak software updater.exe

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