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The Executable Files

From James Morano, E.T.C.A.

There are a number of .exe files available in computers. But did you ever know their purpose, and whether they are good or bad for the computer? One of these is the driver.exe extension. It is known to be dangerous for the computer system. These extension file names are actually the executable files in various system of the computers, such as Microsoft Windows, DOS and Symbian etc. These contain a number of components, and they may be harmful for the computer. A number of .exe files are there in the computer, naming a few of them that are dw20.exe, dwm.exe, ehtray.exe, ekrn.exe, explorer.exe, fabs.exe, fsusbexservice.exe, groovemonitor.exe, grpconv.exe and also helppane.exe.

purpose of these files

Each of these have different purposes and there are many computers that have filters in them to execute these files. For instance the hkcmd.exe is the file that is for multimedia devices. The iastor.sys is a file that is created by Intel driver, which allows the user access to the hard drive. So, you see they have different purposes. The ielowutil.exe file is used to manage computer operations and allows the use of Internet Explorer in security mode. Others include iexplore.exe which is used with the Internet Explore, and also ifrmewrk.exe, igfxpers.exe, igfxtray.exe, ipoint.exe and itype.exe. The purpose of each may vary, and it is the purpose of the executable files that determines whether these files are used in good sense, or need to be executed by the system. When they are clicked, a number of commands are executed by the computer. Other exe files with various functions include ping.exe, perfmon.exe, osppsvc.exe, nvvsvc.exe and naprdmgr.exe.

See you soon with another article! James M.

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