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The Reality of AVA.exe File

From James Morano, E.T.C.A.

When you look for the .exe files in your computer such as the plfseti.exe, pmb.exe, pmonitor.exe, pnkbstra.exe, psiservice_2.exe, ravcpl64.exe, rlvknlg.exe, rthdcpl.exe and rundll32.exe, You might come across the ava.exe. This is something to take care of, since it is a part of an anti spyware program that has no authenticity. It is just like many other parasites that enter the computer, by one or the other means.

There are very clever Trojans that enter the computer,and get this ava.exe file on your computer, and then whenever you open any executable file on your computer such as s24evmon.exe, seaport.exe, searchfilterhost.exe, searchindexer.exe, sidebar.exe, skytel.exe and sfloppy.sys. this virus does not open it and instead opens up the ava.exe file.

Beware of ava.exe

It is not something to ignore, because, this acts as an antivirus program, and scans your computer in a fake way to show you that it is infected, with many viruses and Trojans, and it will tell you to get the complete version. Getting the complete version would do nothing , other than putting your computer to more risk.

There are a few .exe files that include smax4pnp.exe, smss.exe, soffice.bin, splwow64.exe, spoolsv.exe, sptd.sys and srvany.exe, and if you find something strange, or an exe file other than the normal ones, then you must be careful. After all, it is a matter of your systems security. This fake thing creates fake warnings to attract the user towards its fake program, and this is how it traps the user, and makes him believe that it is an authentic antivirus program meant at removing all the viruses from the computer. So, make sure the .exe file in your computer like showwnd.exe or stservice.exe is not making you fool.

See you soon! James :)

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