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Speeding up the PC

From James Morano, E.T.C.A.

If your PC is running too slow, you may want to speed it up by running a quick scan and stopping all the unnecessary processes that are running there. When you open your computer, it may start up very slowly, which can be very annoying for you. However, to fix this problem, you can run a quick scan on the computer and open the task manager to stop the unwanted processes. You will be shown a big list of processes running on your computer in the task manager like 00thotkey.exe, awwservice.exe, btstackserver.exe, ccc.exe, ccsvchst.exe, cfp.exe, cfpupdat.exe, cli.exe, conhost.exe and consent.exe.

Explanation of some of the processes shown in task manager

acdaemon.exe is typically a process related to the software Arc Connect. If you think you need this software then donít stop the process. acs.exe is a process that runs along with the Atheros Wireless LAN and provides extra configuration settings for it. alg.exe is a process related to the Application Layer Gateway service. apache.exe is an important process required for web hosting. You can look for the information on all the processes on the internet to find the purpose of each.

Concerns related to processes

Basically you need to be concerned since many of the processes like appoint.exe, atieclxx.exe, atiedxx.exe and others can take up many of the computer resources and may slow down the computer. Hence you need to stop the CPU intensive processes like avast.exe and avgcsrvs.exe if you do not need them. There are also some other processes like avgnt.exe and avp.exe that can potentially be viruses and Trojans and so they should be stopped instantly. There are some processes which are running in the background like batindicator.exe, bcu.exe, brs.exe, bservice.exe and others which you donít need exactly and which will not cause any disturbance in the computer performance if you stop them.

See you soon! James :)

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