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A closest view to Windows (TM) processes and exe files

From James Morano, E.T.C.A.

As operating systems and software, as whole, comes more and more complicated, there is no simple key for an average user how to distinguish between "normal" processes, like iexplore.exe or explorer.exe, and processes, which behavior is not very clear, or they cause an error, like ifrmewrk.exe error.

So, what you can do, when you open Task manager and see javaw.exe, itype.exe, igfxtray.exe and tons of other strange looking names?

Brief explanation of some important processes

(This info comes without warranty, check online resources for more info).
jucheck.exe seems to be a Java update scheduler. Mostly harmless :) jqs.exe is something rellated to Java enviroment too. Purpose of ielowutil.exe and iastor.sys is unknown.
Also the behavior of http_ss_win_pro.exe process.
See the user reviews for hrfscore.exe - reviews. Some nice gifts for HP (hewlett packard) : hpqtoaster.exe and hpdskflt.sys - both seems to be a part of HP drivers, installed with printers and other stuff. This hkcmd.exe is a mystery. Another files like hidfind.exe or grpconv are very popular (there is a plenty of searches for those names).
Groove monitor: groovemonitor.exe info. Funshion installer: funshioninstall.exe executable. Eset antivirus executable: eKernel - ekrn.exe. This one called ehtray.exe is most propably a part of ESET solution too. And, finally, two DW something processes: dwm.exe and dw20. I guess they come from the same manufacturer, but I am not sure.

Other important questions

is helppane.exe a virus? Shell I remove jp2launcher.exe or igfxpers.exe?
How to delete hpqwmiex.exe? Why is ipoint.exe causing a high cpu usage?
How to permanently delete fabs.exe or fsusbexservice.exe or facebookupdate.exe?

This is always a good idea to ask for a purpose of a particular process online, on specialized pages and forums (listed above). Other users are, in general, friendly, and sometimes you can expect the answer within minutes or hours.

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