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Terminating Processes

From James Morano, E.T.C.A.

When you open the task manager, you will be shown a long list of strange names. These are actually processes running in the background. It is important to know what these processes are doing there for proper maintenance of the computer. These are running in the background but these do affect the performance of your PC. The strange names of the processes may be something like00thotkey.exe, awwservice.exe, acdaemon.exe, acs.exe, alg.exe, apache.exe, apoint.exe, atieclxx.exe, atiedxx.exe, avastsvc.exe and many others.

To find the purpose of each process, you can read its description or research about it online. This will give you a better idea what these processes are meant for. There are some processes that are important for the computer and help to make it safe. These include the ones which are related to the antivirus programs like avgcsrvx.exe and avgnt.exe

Dangerous Processes

while some processes are needed for the proper functioning of the computer there are others which makes the computer unsafe. Some processes expose the risk of viruses and Trojans. Hence, it is important to research all the processes like avp.exe, bcu.exe, brs.exe, btstackserver.exe, ccc.exe, ccsvchst.exe, cfp.exe and others on the internet to find whether they are dangerous and cause any harm to the computer or not.

Terminating processes

when you know the processes which may be dangerous and are unnecessary like cfpupdat.exe, cli.exe, conhost.exe, consent.exe, daemonu.exe and df.exe you need to terminate them. For these, you will need to uninstall the programs for which these are related. That is the only way you can terminate these processes.

See you next week! James

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