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Different types of windows processes

From James Morano, E.T.C.A.

It is important to know what the various processes in your computer are meant for. When you dig into your computer, you will find a list of processes running in the background like 00thotkey.exe, awwservice.exe, acdaemon.exe, acs.exe, alg.exe, apache.exe, apoint.exe, atieclxx.exe and many more. All these processes are running in the background and they make the computer slower and affect the performance of the computer.

Different types of processes

There are some processes like atiedxx.exe, avastsvc.exe, avgcsrvx.exe, avgnt.exe, avp.exe, batindicator.exe, bcu.exe, brs.exe, bservice.exe and others which affect the performance and we call them performance intensive. To make the computer run faster, we should look into these processes to find out if we need them for proper functioning of the computer.

Among those performance intensive process there are some like btstackserver.exe, ccc.exe, ccsvchst.exe, cfp.exe and cfpupdat.exe which are needed for proper functioning of the computer and terminating these processes can cause a problem in the computer. On the other hand, there are some processes like cli.exe, conhost.exe and consent.exe that are not actually needed and even if your terminate them, it won’t affect the computer performance.

Terminating processes

Most of the processes which you find in the task manager will be related to some programs installed in the computer. And you should determine whether you need those programs or not before terminating those processes. Some programs are unnecessary ones and deleting them would cause no effect to anything in the computer. And so, it is better to clear out this clutter and make the computer run faster.

See you next week! James

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