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The Wrong Concept of Executable Files

From James Morano, E.T.C.A.

No doubt people all around the world have different minds, and different experiences with things, that leave lasting impression on their minds. However, apart from ones experience, knowing and reading other people experience also has an effect. Now see, it is commonly understood by the common people in the world that if you find the .exe file like switchboard.exe, taskmgr.exe, teatimer.exe, toaster.exe, trustedinstaller.exe, unsecapp.exe, update.exe, vcsw.exe, vsnpstd3.exe, vspdfprsrv.exe, then it is a virus, and you need to get rid of it as soon as possible. This is a wrong concept. Many of such files are beneficial as well like vssvc.exetaskmgr.exe, w3wp.exe, werfault.exe.

The Useful Executable Files

No doubt, viruses to come into the computer in the form of .exe files, and create problems in the system. But there are many of the executable files that are really important to the system. Such executable files include wlkeeper.exe, wmiprvse.exe, wuauclt.exe, stservice.exe, taskmgr.exe, taskhost.exe.

These files are linked with the running of a computer. There would many files like win.exe, winlogon.exe, wlcomm.exe which have a big part in running the programs in your computer, and in case if you delete the, thinking they r viruses, then you may get into loss. To detect a virus, we have a number of free antivirus and anti malware programs that can be downloaded from the internet with great ease. Such antivirus software detect them and remove them. Make sure that if you see any executable file in the system like this wlkeeper.exe, wmiprvse.exe, wuauclt.exe do not delete it, until you find out what it actually is. You could also check the name o that file and search for it on the internet to find out whether it is a good one or a problematic one.

See you soon! James :)

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