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The glossary of common terms about Windows tasks and processes:

Common names

windows processes
task manager processes
windows xp processes
computer processes
processes running
windows task manager processes
processes list
hidden processes
list of processes
work processes
information processes
processes xp
generic host processes
system idle processes
unnecessary processes
software processes
print processes
windows 2000 processes
necessary processes
windows 2000 processes
processes and threads
internal processes
start up processes
processes in windows xp
processes system
system tasks
process idle tasks
tasks list
win tasks
windows tasks

Functionality terms

killing processes
stop processes
ending processes
monitoring processes
view running processes
kill processes
end tasks
edit startup
disable startup
startup editor
edit windows startup
delete startup
running tasks
all tasks
startup programs
xp startup programs
startup programs windows
computer tasks
xp startup items
programs on startup
startup entries
startup process
xp tasks
windows xp startup items
startup tasks

Windows startup

windows startup
windows xp startup
xp startup
startup 98
win98 startup
windows 98 startup
windows 2000 startup
system startup
win xp startup
windows98 startup

Disclaimer: This glossary is a list of common processes-related terms, provided for information purposes only. MightyChicken provides this data "as is", without any warranty.


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