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MightyChicken features

MightyChicken is a software that gives you an inside look into your Windows system in the modern and friendly user interface. Whether you are new to Windows or a computer professional, you can rely on the information provided MightyChicken to improve the speed of your computer and to remove any security threat.

Inspect your processes and find all the relevant information you need! Get performance and resource usage data - memory usage, processor usage and many more. Easy compare your process performance with worldwide averages.
Identify and remove malicious and needless processes and boost both your PC security and performance.
See complete list of all services installed on your computer, with full info including status, file name and path, dependencies, start type, start account name and more.
Start and stop services with one mouse click.
Startup programs:
Manage all programs your Windows run automatically during system startup. Disable/enable feature, Delete feature. Manage startup programs regardless of source (Registry, Startup folders, Localized startup folders, both All users and Current user, programs started from oldster autoexec.bat).
Identify and remove needless startup processes and boost both your PC security and startup time.
Lot of other system information:
A list of DLLs with entry points and more, a list of top level Windows with window handles, System information list with Memory usage, lot of info extracted deeply from Windows and many more.
Explore our DLL Library by name, description, version or DLL size
Simple to use:
Whether you are a computer expert or a novice, you will quickly learn how to use MightyChicken and take advantage of it's benefits. You can make your computer faster and safer within minutes.
Stay up to date
With MightyChicken automatic and configurable update feature you can see the fresh security and performance information (from our regularly updated database) about every running process just on your main program screen. Google search and User reviews are other powerfull features MightyChicken provides.

Interested? Download MightyChicken 1.1.43.


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